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And we all float on...
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And we all float on...


I have had that Modest Mouse song in my head since last night’s float session. “And we’ll all float on okay..”

Sometimes life problems seem BIG. Impossible. Unachievable. And honestly, sometimes they are that big. Sometimes they are nearly impossible. But darling… You are bigger.

I have a hard time saying no to things, I have a hard time not wanting to do things that help people, and I have a hard time turning off the GIVE. I love to give, but I don’t know always how to fill back up. We all know you “can’t give from an empty cup” so after a few way-too-intense workouts that just seemed to cause more anxiety and more restlessness, I decided to go to the float tank. The float tank is a sensory-deprivation tank, basically a fancy bath tub, where the water is so salty that you don’t touch the bottom and you literally just float.

When your mind is able to not worry about sound, your phone, your emails, your to-do list.. When your eyes no longer see light and you aren’t sure if your eyelids are open or closed. When you have no sounds except water drops from moving your body.. Peace can occur.

“Find your peace and everything will fall into place.” Woof. I needed to read that more than ever. I am not sure what happened in that float tank but I let it all go: ego, worry, stress, fear, doubt.. I just let my mind think what it wanted to. I felt guiltless and I just felt like for the first time in a while I could just be ME. And there is so much peace to be found when you feel like yourself. And with that peace, I felt empowered again. I felt like all these mountains I want to climb, all the people I want to help… it didn’t seem impossible anymore.

Unfortunately I got salt in my eyes (Don’t submerge your face haha) and got out a little early, but if you have a chance to float?? DO IT. Google “float tanks” in your area. The one I went to in Denver was called Samana Float Center, and it was the nicest float tank I had ever seen!

How can you find your peace today?



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