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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much emphasis I have placed on SLEEP.

Yet everyone seems to still struggle with it! Do we get enough? Is it restful? What’s really at play when I get woken up in the middle of the night, ready to start my day at 2AM? Don’t stress – I pulled together all of my answers to sleep issues and I’m sharing them here!

  • Focus on making sleep a priority. It seems simple, but it’s so often overlooked! I talk about this on Meathead Hippie podcast with Adam Bornstein and Dr. Anthony Gustin. Feeling good, really good, is so much more than just eating right and working out. PRIORITIZE BED TIME! Whatever you have to do – setting an alarm TO go to bed, remembering to take your Tri-Mag, putting your lights on a timer – do it. As Liz Smithers reminds us, “sleep is like free wellness.”


  • Prepare your space and yourself. This is such a big topic in The Body Awareness Project adrenals course! We talk about a sleep routine, yes, but also how to make your body truly prepared for sleep by setting up an optimal space. You can read more about it on this Instagram post. More than setting up your physical space, remember to take what personal steps you can to get your body ready for sleep, such as wearing your blue light blockers when the sun goes down! Artifical light is detrimental to our melatonin production, so protect your eyes.


  • Supplement! You know I love my supplements. Supplements are my favorite form of self-care. Sometimes life gets hectic and I can’t make the best meal ever, or I don’t always crush it in the gym. But remembering to take my supplements sets me up for success every time. Sometimes that’s Tri-Mag, but it can also be something as simple as a high quality sea salt for my adrenals. Remember: sometimes it is just as important what you take out as what you put in (hint hint: coffee).



  • Stop stressing. I know, I know, easier said than done. But the connection between stress and sleep is incredibly high. Following my #adrenalswithEm hashtag is a simple and easy way to get all your stress less reminders! But stress is such a complex topic, and it’s one of my favorite ones to talk about with gene expert Alex Swanson on Meathead Hippie.


  • Remember the side effects of poor sleep. Sometimes, the easiest way to make sure we create a habit and keep it is to remember how icky we feel when we don’t keep it. Poor sleep is tied to chronic disease, breakouts, and stubborn weight loss just to name a few! As Paul C. Tijerina says, “I’m not giving up my time for sleep. I’m making better time for my waking hours.”


Looking for even more sleep resources? Have no fear! I’ve put them all together in a handy-dandy one page clickable PDF for you to keep.




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