Thank you so much for this amazing 21 days. It has helped me better push myself, to work on bettering myself, and overall helped me stay in shape. I have learned so much and I didn't think in 21 days it would work,  but I was wrong. These are workouts I will continue to use until the next challenge. I'm so happy with my results, there were days I wanted to call it quits but you and other people in this challenge motivated me to keep going!  As an athlete.. I was always consciousness of my body and wanted it to be "perfect" and I was never happy with it even when it looked its "best" but this made me realize.. I kick ass & and I don't need to be the best,  I just need to be better each day and no matter what I'm good enough the way I am. Thank you so much for inspiring me to become a personal trainer in my future & to always stay positive ! You're awesome!!!!