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The 21 Day Super Hero Challenge has been the most epic challenge I have ever done. I was pondering about this challenge and almost didn't do it. I figured maybe I can save my $21.00 and just research paleo info on my own. The knowledge,exercises, and now lifestyle I have attained from this challenge is worth way more than $21.00. These past 21 days were unreal! Every morning I was absolutely stoked to check my e-mail and see what challenge/info Em has sent me... It's almost like Christmas morning for 21 days.

With my new paleo lifestyle I witnessed a decrease in weight, fat %, and also more energy. I have more energy through out the day and seem to be even more happy then I usually am. 

Prior to the challenge I would go to the gym maybe 4 times a week run 3-5 miles everyday then casually do light weights.I was seeing no results on the scale or in the mirror. Em's 10-20 min intense workouts were harder then my hour and a half work outs. I was able to learn all these new exercises that will hopefully give me the courage to one day transition to cross fit. 

One of the awesome thing about this challenge is the fact that you are held accountable for your challenges and also your points. The ability to see the score/work out times of other participants was a huge motivation for me and helped me dig deep in my work outs.It is also super rad to have such a great support system (including Em)!! It's so encouraging to have the ability to communicate with others who are going through the same things you are going through! 

Overall, I cannot thank Em enough for all the knowledge, work outs, and encouragement given on these 21 days. Every day at work I am faced with the results of what sugar (carbs) does to the oral cavity. I am now able to see how sugar effects the overall body instead of just the oral cavity and am super pumped to educated my patients about my new paleo lifestyle. 

Prior to this challenge when I heard the word super hero, I  would think of my mom or Mia Hamm (my favorite athlete). However, this 21 days has given me this renewed sense of energy and confidence. The ability to take hold of my mental toughness and physically feel my body getting stronger is bad ass... you know kind of like a Super Hero!