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I just really want to say thank you. I've always watched you on the challenge (that show is a slight obsession of mine) and I've always wanted to do this challenge but I've never been an active person so I was hesitant. In the last few years my lack of exercise, metabolism, and stress from school have caught up to me and I started this challenge 21 lbs above my goal weight. I am proud to say that I have lost 6.4 lbs over these past 21 days. I am even more proud to say that this is no longer my goal. My goal is not a specific weight, it is to be the happiest and healthiest me I can be. And I know I have lots of improvement ahead but this is truthfully the best I've felt in years.

I also want to thank you for providing me with a program/diet that is sustainable. I have never personally gone on a diet but many of my friends and family have and they only manage to stick with it a few weeks to a month and feel like it is a burden. With this program I don't feel like I am being restricted at all. Going into this I expected that on day 22 I'd be excited for sugar and refined carbs but I'm not. I don't plan on changing much going forward. I don't feel like this challenge is ending because I no longer see it as a challenge I see it as my lifestyle of choice. It is something I want and something that works for me not something that I am just trying to complete. 

I can't believe the transformation I have seen in myself, both mentally, physically and emotionally. I took before and after pictures that I planned to just keep for myself but I saw much more of a change than expected and I would like to share them with you also. 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for being a person I have looked up to for many years and thank you for helping to convince me to change for myself. 


Before Picture: 
After Picture: