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#TheNomadHunt. STARTS NOW!

From now until the end of our Kickstarter Campaign (May 3), we've partnered with some of our favorite brands to involve you guys in the ultimate adventure - The Nomad Hunt! 10 lucky winners will win a goodie bag filled with various products from 10 different incredible brands.


Here's how it works...

Below is a list of tasks to complete over the next few weeks. 

1.  You must post the photo/video of your completing the task to your Instagram tagging both @evolvedmotion and our partner (please note if your Instagram is private we will NOT be able to view the content).

2.  Once you have completed all 10 tasks, please email us using the subject line 'EMPACK NOMAD HUNT COMPLETE!'

Email must include: Your Instagram handle, your unisex t-shirt size, and your shipping address.

3.  At the end of the hunt, we will be sending a brand new NOMAD shirt OR The World Is My Gym Iron-on Patch to anyone who completes ALL 10 tasks

4.  BONUS! We will also be entering everyone who completes all 10 tasks into a drawing for a goodie bag full of amazing products from our pals listed below!





Morning, I have just tried to download the list and it can't find it. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks, Emma

Yup, it says ‘Page Not Found’ when I try it too
Sarah A.'s picture

It will be fixed soon! You can also find it in the challenge Facebook group or on Emily's Facebook or the link in her Instagram bio!