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Meathead Hippie Radio #44 with Dr. Lara Briden the Period Revolutionary on PCOS, Birth Control, & Empowerment

Dr. Lara Briden is a naturopathic doctor and theperiod revolutionary—leading the change to better periods. 

Informed by a strong science background and more than 20 years with patients, Lara is a passionate communicator about women's health and alternatives to hormonal birth control.  Her book Period Repair Manual is a manifesto of natural treatment for better hormones and better periods and provides practical solutions using nutrition, supplements, and natural hormones.  Now in its second edition, the book has been an underground sensation and has worked to quietly change the lives of tens of thousands of women. 

Lara divides her time between Christchurch, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia, where she has her consulting rooms. She's helped thousands of women find relief for period problems such as PCOS, PMS, endometriosis, and perimenopause.


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Content Summary:


5:00 Naturopathic Medicine and The Period Repair Manual

  • How to harness the healing power of the human body

  • Giving the tools people need to heal themselves

  • “Quietly subversive” = Lara’s mantra

7:11 Birth Control

  • How the use of these conventional drugs can shut down women’s hormonal systems

16:24 The Danish Study

  • A correlation between birth control and antidepressants

20:30 PCOS

  • “The two defining symptoms are irregular periods or higher male hormones.”

27:45 An Underlying Problem of PCOS: Insulin Resistance

  • How to know if you may have insulin resistance by certain signs and symptoms

31:35 Managing Carbohydrates

  • Factors like age, gender, and body type all play roles in figuring out the right carbohydrate intake for each individual

  • “If after 3-6 months, your periods disappear, that is a sign that you are not eating enough carbohydrates.”

37:10 Can Fasting Be Therapeutic?

  • The benefits of “gentle fasting with insulin resistance”

40:00 Top 5 Symptoms of Ovulation

  • How to tell when your body is ovulating through cycles, symptoms and testings

49:00 Post-Pill and Mood Regulation

  • Supplements that are helpful for regulating mood after getting off of the pill and the possible reasons behind experiencing mood swings

52:20 Hair Loss or “Alopecia”

  • Hormonal hair loss can be an effect depending on the type of birth control

57:15 Alternatives to Birth Control

  • Different options on avoiding pregnancy and fertility awareness methods

1:02:00 Spirit Animal