Meathead Hippie Radio: #25 Eat, Play, Crush with Mary Shenouda | EmFit

Meathead Hippie Radio: #25 Eat, Play, Crush with Mary Shenouda

The Paleo Chef on Demanding More From Yourself. This got deep. And it's freaking good. If you don't know Mary yet, get to know her.

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Content Summary

2:50 Rant on Demanding More
A call for help - to engage our minds and connect with one another on a deeper level

7:50 First Came Self-Loathe, then Came Self-Love
Your own personal journey does not need to be shared in order to prove your worth
“My value is not dependent on the products I produce.”

15:05 Our Infinity > Our Limitations
“It’s not about our limitations, it’s actually about our infinity.”

16:30 Boundaries with People:
Remove -> Replace -> Respect
“Your legacy is being built at the end of every interaction you have.”

22:25 Mary’s “Boss” Side
Phat Fudge, inspiration and insecurities

36:53 Competitiveness
Proving yourself right vs. proving them wrong

31:40 Being Content with Not Being Content
“What matters is what we have, not what we are chasing.”

37:30 Horoscopes and Past Lives

41:00 Raw People who Just F**king Get It

48:45 Asking People to “Do Better”
“You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to desire self-development.”