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Meathead Hippie Podcast #81 with Morghan King


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Taking up Olympic Weightlifting after playing collegiate sports and dabbling in triathlons, Morghan King made it to the 2016 Rio Olympics and is on her way to do it again in 2020. 

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Content Summary:

[3:30] Introduction

Morgan King is an Olympic weightlifter and competed in the 2016 Olympics in Rio


[9:08] Getting started in Olympic weightlifting

Transitioning from being a triathlete to CrossFit to being introduced to weightlifting

“At that point, you know I was just kind of like fumbling around trying to stay competitive.”


[25:05] Accessory work in her training 

“It's funny cause like you beat yourself up with the snatch, the clean and jerk, the pulls, and then you go to do the accessory work to put your body back together.”


[27:12] Rituals and superstitions 


[33:33] Being in the moment and focusing on the target

"Make sure you know where you are. Be in the moment cause once the competition starts you're not gonna remember it.”


[40:50] Dealing with competitors testing unclean 

“It doesn't matter what you're doing. I want to be the best athlete I can possibly be and I'm going to beat you.”


[46:32] Body awareness and self-care

“That homeostasis in your body and in your mind, and in weightlifting it's like everything's going good, everything's going good, and then it's like oh my gosh the world is ending, and it's constant like that and it's such a roller coaster ride.”

“I think being able to wrap your head around that and being very in tune with your body is so incredibly helpful.”


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