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Meathead Hippie Podcast #76 with Momma Schromm



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It’s no question where Emily has cultivated some of most admirable traits as a strong, capable and fearless woman. Stacy Schromm, Emily’s very own mama, joins us on Meathead Hippie this week to share her own perspective on life, love, gratitude, relationships and everything in between. As a woman with a heart full of abiding love and a mind of deep-rooted wisdom, Stacy brings awareness to the importance of acknowledging our vulnerability, and it’s essential role in self-love and forming healthy relationships. “Find the person who is mom to you. Find that person, and let that love soak into you.” With her own current mantra being, “I am loved,” it has allowed her to not only accept her own valuable worthiness, but extend even more love towards the lives of others.


7:00 Ayahuasca Experience

  • The experience brought enlightenment and a new perspective to releasing control

  • Defining our quest in always wanting to do better and accepting worthiness

15:00 Don’t Overthink It

  • Step 1: Have a mantra - “Your brain will begin to believe what you keep telling it.”

  • Step 2: Reach out to a loved one - “When you know somebody simply loves you, you begin to just let that in.”

22:00 Love and Vulnerability

  • “Find the person who is mom to you. Find that person, and let that love soak into you.”

  • How to recognize the pain inside, grieve, and then move on to find love in other relationships

25:00 Parenting, Favorite Reads & Gratitude

  • Kahlil Gibran’s poem on giving your children love, but not your thoughts

  • Current book of choice: The Happiness Advantage

30:00 Spirit Animal: Ladybug

  • Steven Farmer’s incredible book on finding your “power animal”

  • The ladybug: delicate, loving with a natural flow of abundance

35:00 Much Love for Emily’s Tribe

  • The quality of people that are a part of Emily’s tribe are truly wonderful


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