Meathead Hippie Podcast #53 with Dr Mike T Nelson: Metabolic Flexibility, Better Movement, Fascia, and all the Meathead Things | EmFit

Meathead Hippie Podcast #53 with Dr Mike T Nelson: Metabolic Flexibility, Better Movement, Fascia, and all the Meathead Things

“Metabolic flexibility is the ability to switch from one fuel source to the next.”

Mike T Nelson, CSCS, MSME, PhD is a metabolism and fitness expert specializing in improving body composition and performance in athletes of all types.  He is a University instructor and owner of Extreme Human Performance, LLC.

Mike T. Nelson has studied the functions of the human body for a multitude of years and became specifically interested in how to properly condition it to burn fat, become stronger, more flexible, and healthier. In this episode of Meathead Hippie, Mike T. Nelson talks about how was initially intrigued in the human body when he learned the ins and outs of fascia by studying cadavers! From there, Mike speaks on how the body is capable of more than we can imagine. Metabolic flexibility is where Mike T. Nelson specializes and says that, “Metabolic flexibility is a spectrum that evaluates how well the body can use carbs and fat for energy, if needed.” Mike provides excellent examples of how to use the concepts of metabolic flexibility by fat burning and intermittent fasting to help decrease insulin levels, which in turn changes body composition!

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Content Summary

8:40 Mike’s Personal Background

  • Had heart failure at the age of four years old and received open-heart surgery

  • Interested in anatomy and worked on cadavers as an undergrad student

14:30 What Exactly Is Fascia?

  • Bands or sheets of connective tissue in the body

  • “Fascia goes everywhere in the body and helps reinforce a lot of the other structures.”

23:00 Breathing Mechanics of the Body

  • A scale for your brain to utilize: “How long can we go without something?”

  • Breathing interventions could make breathing more efficient

31:20 Why Better Posture Doesn’t Stick

  • “You have to change the base of which the systems operate.”

  • Unconscious vs. conscious decisions and visceral mobility

42:00 Heart Rate Variability

  • Measuring heart rate and heart rate variability

  • A parasympathetic vs. sympathetic scale that helps track stress

50:00 Metabolic Flexibility

  • A test to see how well the body can use fat or carbs as energy when needed

  • “High levels of insulin in a healthy person will push them to use more carbohydrates.”

58:00 A Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

  • The body is not able to adapt to carbs as well because it is attuned to using mostly fat as fuel

  • “They had down regulated some of that metabolic machinery in order to be able to fully use it to its fullest potential.”

63:00 Intermittent Fasting for Low Insulin

  • “Muscle glycogen is really only depleted by muscular work.”

  • Pushing insulin as low as it possibly can go to help use more fat as fuel

69:00 Regulating Carbohydrates

  • Examining sleeping habits, stress and exercise while regulating carbs

  • Tips on how to better utilize fat as fuel

76:15 Spirit Animal