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EmFit GET STRONG Personalized Programming


Personalized Programing by Wade Kilgore

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? 

No two bodies are the same, so it only makes sense that no two training plans should be the same. This 6-week custom program is a completely individualized approach, suited to meet your specific wants, needs, and goals. Taking into account your history, injuries, postural deviations, life style restraints, and the specific equipment you have available, you’ll embark on a holistic journey to mobility, strength, and recovery. You’ll finish this program stronger, smarter, and healthier, with the tools you need to continue forward in your fitness journey.

If you’ve completed the 21-day Challenge and you’re unsure of what to do next, or if you find yourself suffering from injuries or with nagging pain, this program is for you. All levels are welcome, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just getting started in fitness.

Your program includes:
- 30-minute Skype “Assessment & Goal Setting” call
- 4 strength-based workouts per week (each workout is 45 minutes – 1.5 hours)
- Interval training workout options for non-strength workout days
- Access to library of 30+ video tutorials
 - Membership to the “Strength Training Superheroes” private Facebook Group, where you can be a part of the Superheroes community, post your videos on the forum, and get immediate feedback on all your questions.
- Special discounts on EmFit products: protein, supplements, EmPacks, and more!


A little about Wade Kilgore:
"I’ve spent my entire life dedicated to fitness and athletics. As a former All-American college wrestler, I am intimately aware of what it takes to stay healthy, fit, and motivated. I take a functional approach to fitness, whether it be helping my clients improve and eliminate postural imbalances, or working through new or chronic injuries. In my eight years of training, there is nothing I’ve found more gratifying than the moment when a client recovers from an injury or when they reach that tipping point and begin to see results from all of their hard work. That moment when the goal that once seemed unattainable for my clients is now within reach; that’s what drives me. That energy is unstoppable. With this program, I’ll help you get to that moment."

Experience & Certifications:
- Yoga Alliance Certified
- Facial Stretching Therapist 
- 8 years experience